NLAg Labs, LLC Nitrogen Management System

Advantages of N-Decision+

N-Decision+ allows consultants, retailers, and growers to have the best information possible when managing input costs while maximizing yield. Why rely on a modeling program to guess at how much nitrogen is available in your system when it is possible to know exactly what is going on in your fields and see what your plant roots are seeing?

Purpose of the Program

Every year nitrogen management is key to being economically successful. We have the tools to fine tune side-dress applications and to find out what our soils are giving you for free.

Q: Who can pull the samples to get them to NLAg Labs, LLC?

A: The grower, consultant, and ag-retailer can all supply NLAg Labs, LLC with the plants and soils needed. If you need help, we can pull them or have one of our alliances pull the samples in a timely manner using the proper protocols needed.

Q: What is the turn around time to get results?

A: Timely. We have a time frame of 24-48 hours on all tissue and in-season nitrate, ammonium, and organic nitrogen samples.

Q: What does our program provide that other programs don’t?

A: We provide information that is based off of production in your soils, not an estimate. This is an inexpensive way to help modify one of the biggest expenses a grower sees each year. We look for all sources of nitrogen available to the plant, not just nitrate, as some programs offer, but a complete view of your total nitrogen pool. N-Decision+ will also show what other macro and micro nutrients are making it into the crop.

“Bringing the BALANCE between Agronomics and Economics.”

Corn Crop Stages: V5-V8

  • Soil Sampling: 0-6” and 6-24”

    Results: Nitrate Nitrogen, Ammoniacal Nitrogen, SLAN & Solvita

  • Tissue Testing: Complete Package

    Results: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Boron, & Sodium

  • Price: $50/location

    Extra fee included for staff to take the sample

What is needed to qualify for the N-Decision Program?

  • GPS to plot out where samples will be taken.
  • Let NLAg Labs, LLC know how many fields and how many locations you are interested in doing by April 15th.
  • At the end of the year, let NLAg Labs, LLC know this information:
    • Yield in the GPS points.
    • Last rainfall amount and date
    • Fertility already applied and date applied
    • Hybrid Name
  • If NLAg Labs, LLC has to assign one of our agronomists to do the sampling, there will be additional charges.